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May God in his mercy bless and protect you. Catherine McAuley, 1778-1841, founder of the Sisters of Mercy

A Child's Place at Mercy focuses on providing care to children who are suspected of having been abused or neglected. Mary Carrasco, MD, MPH, leads Western Pennsylvania's most experienced team for assessment of suspected child sexual abuse. A Child’s Place is a program of the Department of International and Community Health. There are two components to this program: A Child's Place at Mercy & Mercy's Kids.

A Child's Place at Mercy

Provides services to children who are victims of sexual abuse:

  • More than 75 years of combined experience in the evaluation of suspected child abuse.
  • Over 20,000 assessments conducted or supervised by team members.
  • Forensic interviews of children suspected to have been victims of child abuse or used in Internet crimes.
  • Medical examinations by an expert physician trained in the evaluation of child sexual abuse.
  • Coordination of multi-disciplinary investigation by law enforcement and child protective service professionals.
  • Medical case consultations available for second opinions for cases of serious physical injury.
  • Training available for district attorneys, law enforcement personnel, social workers, teachers, nurses, and other health professionals. Training topics include but are not limited to: Mandated reporting; Identification of injuries; First responders - Minimal fact interviewing; Multidisciplinary Team Development; Affects of trauma on children.

Mercy's Kids

Provides a continuum of health care for children placed in foster care.
Services include:

  • Intake and discharge physicals.
  • Primary health care services.
  • Coordinated health care case management services.
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